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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ruby Red

She sits
mirror gazing 
with every intention 
of painting 
smiles upon her lips
nails slightly chipped 
linger over
silver and gold flaked appliances
of her trade, she waits
right moment
when the song on the radio
evades sound and
transcends boundaries… 
wades into life
painting away 5 o'clock
and mental 
notes of doubt 
with a pale concoction, #7.
Leaning into reflections
the soft color of her skin
radiates bright with each
brush of perfection 
with each... 

there just right

she sits back and admires.
her - technique is flawless
her - skill untouched by fear
first the base of life
a touch of charcoal here and
then here,  
a splash of smokey gray
a sparkle to accentuate play
fullness of delight
a butterfly in flight
and as the melody
rhapsodies to climax
she finalizes her transformation
with the stroke of 
midnight and haiku
leaving behind any trace of
the who
is worn every day
from dread a.m. to just an hour ago;
and lives;
ruby red.

{{author note: my meager attempt to appreciate beauty in an experience I am not familiar with - please know, I want to paint her beautiful with my words - and if I fail, it is not for lack of wanting it.}} 

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